Tuesday, 8 April 2008

This is my

Schutzengel :-) or Guardian Angel .

I dont know if i will do out of the Berry Papers a new Kit. I can think about it abut as far i know i have 2 or 3 Parts of the Papers .

The Inlay for the Cup is ready :-)
Papers i used from
Delphine Doreau


fool on the hill said...

Thank you for the traslation!Your guardian angel looks to have a lot of fun with you!See you soon and xxx for the cats,the angel and for you

Penny said...

Love your guardian angel.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the translation!!! LOL - I have to dig out my German - English dictionary, obviously. So much for six years of studying the language. High school was too long ago!

addicted2scrappin said...

Love your cup inlay!!! Very beautiful!!!

Erika said...

I love your little angel. My children each have a ceramic one given to them by their uncle when they were born. You have inspired me that I should scrap the gift and why it was given.
Best wishes

Ann said...

Dear Nicole
Your cup inlay is ADORABLE, as long as your guardain angel. You have such a talent for designing...
Your friend is going to very really happy with the cup! It is for sure!

Anonymous said...

i totally agree with ann! your friend will love the mug and the angel is soooooooo cute

Anonymous said...

These papers are from Delphine Doreau from the non dairy diary http://del4yo.blogs.com/non_dairy_diary/
Could you please credit her? Thanks