Saturday, 31 May 2008

Happy Weekend

Good Morning u all out there. After some hot days here its today fresh and not so sticky. We had big thunder here last evening. It does so good to have it warm outside.
I tried some new papers with a shimmy style. Its not really my style but i loved the effect of it and thought its nice to share it sure make on a layout a very soft style.

Have all great Weekend and have some Fun and Ice

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Download: Shimmy Shimmy Papers1
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Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Bit Vintage again...

and a HOT Summer Day we have :-)
Im at the moment bit less with my Freebies, but i try just evenings do bit other stuff. Its so nice and my terrace i use just much, I read a book "Der Vollidiot". Its funny. but till now i not came far. But i still very work for new Kits. 3 i have already again. But work just on a lot of Embelishments for the Kits. I had a few great ideas. new stuff as well which i not found till now on other scrapping sites. It will then be the Opener for my Shop :-) But i will still share my Freebies with u all. Cause i want those give the chance who not so can give out money.

But today it goes on further with a bit Vintage, some Skies. I love them and they have their own touch and fit to so many other stuff i realise.

Enjoy all the days, the hot weather we just have here in the South of Germany. I only wish not to be at work and spend my Days somewhere else. I would like to beam me to our House in Spain that now would be so perfect.

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Sunday, 25 May 2008

I've been tagged and a new Pink Paper Set

I have been tagged by

1.) Link your tagger and list these rules on your blog.
2.) Share 7 facts about yourself on your blog, some random, some weird.
3.) Tag 7 people at the end of your post by leaving their names as well as links to their blogs.
4.) Let them know they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

7 facts about myself...god that seems very much just... i think i must ask my Boyfriend

1) I have a Kitten Fobia. As a child i get attacked by a rapid Kitten. Since there i was and still am I afraid of Kittens i not know. My first Kitten Babe, i had only for a time to watch and i needed weeks till i touched her and we lived then together for 7 years and i loved her till she died. Since there i not can be without any Kittens. Meanwhile 2 Kittens live with me but still i not touch Kittens i not know

2) I am a Photoshop Addict and i love to collect and buy all from Dover Publication

3) I love the Shabby Style and i love pink and my boyfriend is afraid that i will paint the house pink when i move in.

4) Even I have a relationship with a Dutchie and me German and we see us not so much,
we cook each day together the same

5) I was a few times in New York. the last time with 2 Friends and we had together over 85 kg more baggage than allowed. The guy at the check in asked us where are the other 20 people for that suitcases and all. But he let us in with all for free.We bought really headless and all what we could get.

6) I can be extremly into something and then i get bored after a time ( i hope that not will be with the scrapping stuff)

7) I can make myself stress and hectic even its not worth and not necessary....

so now i must find 7 other victims i can tag....
Here are my tag victims...
(soso great Designs and a very touch of heart and soul in her drawings)
the goddess of Paperdesigns for me
Love this natural Style of her Alpha
Great Crafting tips
She creates Quickpages with my Stuff

god i not bring just 7 together.... i hope thats ok so for u all...

Remember if you Download, give some Love and link back to his Blog if u want share it with others! I give away my Freebies for Free, please honour that in a respectfull way. The Password is: schlumpfine

Download: Pink Papers 1
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i just checked my blog and Mailbox and Im now 4 times tagged. Oh god. im just so busy that i try to solve that next days. I never been tagged before, must I now answer all 4? i not know who i all can then tag further. Jesus i must first read me thru that all.... please be patient with me with answering that all...

Thursday, 22 May 2008

Good Morning

well ist bit after 12 but im still in sleepclothes. We have today a holiday, the last now for this season. Oh a was so glad to be able to sleep out today and later then enjoy the day with my Boy and have breakfast in bed and so stuff on a cuddly day, but a friend of mine, called me out of bed at 10 and i had to give her Photoshop lessons now. 2 hours and at her 2 children which did out all of the kitchen cupboards, rice, powersugar and her kitchen looked like after war i assume, after our phonecall. Oh god now i would need now 2 hours sleep, well... :-)
Oh the last 2 days i reinstalled my Imac. I had problems with my Photoshop. Tonight at 2 i had then all so far all reinstalled, i tried photoshop and the mistake was same. I thought i must get up the walls. Thankfully i found a update for photoshop, after that the photoshop did run good again and as i now saw it works all fine. Jesus. Such things can so annoy.

I hope u all had a nice week and enjoyed it. I very hope that the weather gets nicer again and the summer comes. Thanks for all the tips for the Sweeties Mietes. Poor Kitty Girl she is. but so so cuddly is she last time and CousCous too. I cant do one step and he follows me. Even when i stand under shower he sits in front and waits or he snuggles in the fresh towels and sleeps there to wait of me.
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Sunday, 18 May 2008

Goodnight goodie

i had today a nice day with friends and a nice dinner as well. Now i just came home and will fall in bed. Im tired like hell and want only sleep.
Have all a great Weekend
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Thursday, 15 May 2008


im at the moment so busy evenigs that i almost not have time to be on computer. My Cellar just get cleaned and i can just all kick out what i now not needed the last year. Its awful what i keep all. But i need place again. I already collected a big box of old wires, Zip drives. a VERY old Mac i found in the corner with a Harddrive of 256 MB space. and 8 MB Ram or so. Haha. oh god. i not know how it was possible to work with it. But somehow it as well brings memories back when you so search thru a cellar. And my clothes i looked thru too and threw all my pullovers for winter away. A good reason then to buy new stuff for next winter :-)
Just im heavily tired when i come from work home. Last 2 days i did sleep an hour then i was in cellar or i did stick in a cupboard. :-)

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Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Late and a Alpha...

i just thought i give u a goodnight goodie :-)

Oh thanks to all the tips for the earmites of Sweetie. I will go to Doc next time and ask for another treatment for the Miss Sweetie. She is lat days so cute and fit and outside so much and jumps around in garden to catch butterflies. (poor things)

Goodnight all...

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Monday, 12 May 2008


for my Boyfriends Mama i created that card. I changed the Wordart bit.
I never did a Layout in red but it looks good and the color is choosed by my boyfriend.
It was the favorite color of his Mama. The Layout now will find a place on the grave with flowers for her. Since i know my Boy i sometimes make a Card for his Mama, it helps him to come along with the loss even its such a long time ago. I very realised since i do digital Scrapbooking i can help those who lost someone. My boys Friend lost his Girl and Child at an Accident and i sometimes scrap him something with a picture and it helps him too. Bring back those they lost. For me is it important to show them, that those important beloved are still in our middle and still have a place with us, even i never met them.

Sunday, 11 May 2008


from Mothersday. We had such a great weather and great BBq a nice walk together and coffee.
Someone wanted to know the password :-)
this is Schlumpfine :-) which are the Smurfs in English. Those tiny figures are produced here just a few corners from my hometown and I call sometimes CousCous Schlumpf. :-)
Sometimes my passwords only needs to be googled and you find out in the picturesearch what it means.

Happy Mothers Day

I wish you all and your Mummies a Happy Mothersday.
Have fun and enjoy the day with all your families.

Remember if you Download, give some Love
link back to his Blog if u want share it with others!

I give away my Freebies for Free,
please honour that in a respectfull way.
The Password is: schlumpfine

Download: Mothersday Frame
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Friday, 9 May 2008

So so so sunny....

oh god the week ws so sunny and nice, that did so good. Only at work was it not so cause i wanted be home or outside to enjoy the sun, my terrace and be off. I bought some more flowers today, those i want plant in tomorrow. Its great on monday is again a holiday here in germany and we have a longer weekend. and of course a shorter week. I can so get used to a 4 day week just, how find would that be. :-)
Im glad with the pirate site. i not know so if i could help others. cause i almost got no respond those comments on the shoutbox and 2 mails or so. Nevertheless i very hope its now again quiet with the piracy for a time now. But they plop out of the bottom like mushrooms somehow. Apropos Mushrooms. Well my Boy dont eat complete ones, i must always so smile about it. cause they must be chopped. A complete Mushroom he thinks he must put on a cap and has eyes and looks. Its so cute. i must always so laugh cause its something he still has from his childhood. And to see that is so precious. Once i made me overbaked mushrooms with mozzarella and he so long told me that they look under their head that i so get unsure )even i KNOW they have NO eyes ;-) i then choped them. God. Kind of embarrasing somehow :-)

I recently made that picture of Sweetie, she was so cute how she rolled around on the ironing board and its not often that her different eyecolors are to see so good on pictures. Few days again i saw the mites are back in her ears. I not get that away. I tried all from the Bach Flowers over creams, drops, all. I recently thought so if earcandles are good for kittens and if its possible to get the mites out of her ear. but if she would lie tight and not runs away is a other question. I just put her a very hard ointment in ear again, now she is offended and o top of the Cupboard again. She just loves to lie in sun outside, and i ask her always if she want get tanned and bit a darker fur. :-)

And for the rest of the week now we have i give out the last vintage frame.
Slow the things run out... slow. I slowly think i cant do anything else than Vintage :-)

I wish all a great weekend take care of u all and have a great mothersday with ur Mummies.

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Thursday, 8 May 2008


WOW Ladies look what we reached :-)
Now this blog is down. But im very sure she will come up somewhere again. I saw yesterday that she uploaded so many other stuff. I would like to know only where she now is or is it a he? I dont know, But its a shot against the piracy.
I was now very happy to see that today.
Thanks to all who helped and i think some Designers are very grateful now.

Have all a great Day :-)

In the Shoutbox someone asked how we see if its pirated.
If you go on a blog you see the designer there. All Designers have in their preview their Logos. If this Logo is not confirm with the Logo on the blog you are on a Freebie hunting site (like digifree or ikeagoddess or on a Freebie pirated site ). If its a hunting site u will see all Downloadlinks go back to the Designers Blog, a Site with pirated stuff will send u directly to a downloadlink.
I hope i now could bit explain it.

A late hello...

im almost on the way to bed. but thought after this silly piracy stuff i share a big package for the Vintage Kit. The sixth part of the Special Series. Includes a Bow and Flower, trims and a wonderful Vintage Frame. I hope you all enjoy the download.

Please help further to write to blogger that this site of this pirate will be closes. There are a lot of illegal Music, Movies, Programms ect online. Unbelievable.
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Soon available in the NBK Store

Tuesday, 6 May 2008


some of my Visitors here come from this Forum

Can please someone write there in,
i not want that the passwords are given further.
Its directly written above the download link, it cant not be so hard to read that.
For God's sake, is that so hard to get.

Spring is in the house ;-)...

thankfully now we really can enjoy here the nice Spring Weather. The whole Weekend was nice today and i wear today first time a white pants. Its always so a thing. When i first time wear a summer pants then YEAH now it can come the summer :-)

Today i have a Hybrid Card for you to download. I created it for my Boyfriends Sister. I have 2 Parts as .png if u want put in some pictures, the other 2 parts are with Textframes.

Someone did ask me if i can writ on each Download the filesize. If you click on the download button u will directed to the 4shared folder, there u can see how big the file is.

And here is a link to the Casle i was last weekend. Someone did ask for that too
Schloss Hellenstein

Have all a great Week.

Remember if you Download, give some Love and link back to his Blog if u want share it with others! I give away my Freebies for Free, please honour that in a respectfull way. The Password is: mandelbluete

Download: Hybrid Card Purple and Red

Monday, 5 May 2008

Please help to hit down the piracy

i did spend now the whole midday writing everywhere posts and comments and email to all of those whos stuff on this side. Melissa wrote me back and she said she already reported her stuff and the links got deleted, but its almost impossible to let a blog remove from blogger.

And for my Scrap Kits i now changed some passwords cause i stumbled over a russian side which gave there my password free. it links thankfully to the blog, but the password is written in the forum. Sorry for those who cant read nothing different than the kyrillic writing from. I as well not go to such sites.

im off today and i did spend the morning to search a way to contact that its possible to flag the blog of this malinascrapsmaniac, she deleted on top the banner on which u can flag the blog. But now i found a great site. Go there and write all that this stuff of this site is illegal an that u want this blog is deleted from the net

If you want go directly to the Contact link to Blogger use this link

Send this info around to all the designers which got by that blog abused

Sunday, 4 May 2008

Good Morning

first of all thanks to Sharon for the link. I tried to blog the blog. I dont know if that helps. I looked thru the sides of this blog but found now nothing from me. But many things from others who sell this stuff. Which is extremly unfair. I wonder always. that exact such blogs not have anywhere a mail button. They know exactly what they do. Its a mess with those who bring up stuff from others and give the direct download link.

Today is so sunny and warm already that i will then do today my terrace. I brough some flowers and herbals yesterday and a new pump for the fountain. That my Angel again blubbers water out :-) If its all ready i will show some pictures then.
This is now a picture from last year. My Searoses as i saw now, did not overlive the winter. Which is really pity, cause i had them now some years.

And this is my cosy "Lounge" outside :-) A friend of mine made me the under construction for that and i have a mattress on, so its very big and on some hot nights i did already sleep outside. The Kittens love to be on it and sleep for hours when the sun comes around the corner.
I have the plaids from Tchibo. But meanwhile the colors are so bleached out from sun. But i find nothing what i find nice. I so like the stripes and the flowers and colors together.

Todays download is a Quickpage. It includes 3 parts of backgrounds and the frame is extra. But the Kitty comes not with :-)

Have all a great sunday and enjoy todays download

Remember if you Download, give some Love and link back to his Blog if u want share it with others! I give away my Freebies for Free, please honour that in a respectfull way. The Password is: hellokitty

Download: Quickpage Blue Book

Friday, 2 May 2008

Helloo helloo...

a short stop in for today. Im at work but will now go to the garden center to buy plants for my terrace. Ahww. I look so forward do make it nice again. :-)

And somehow yesterday i found another Mobile which i find better than the other. I love those Clapmobiles and its pink and it looks cute :-) ahww. Next month is my birthday so i think i will take the money i get for it and buy me that nice thing :-))

so im now off and i wish u all a great start into the weekend. it shall get warm here :-)

... and thanks to the first who donated ahwwww how great that made my day :-)) WOW

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