Friday, 11 April 2008

Guten Abend...

ohh god off :-) im now sooo happy to be home a week to relax, bit do and visit my Grandma and Friends. I so look forward to the week now. to bit do here in my flat things. bit let my creativity out and sleeeeeeeeep for ages :-)))
Its sweet how many own a kitty or some more. I have 2 and boy own 3 kittens. Just came Couscous home with a mouse in his mouth. I had the window open and he trippled in, high up his head, proud like hell and he purred so loud. Oh i was faster up from sofa than a flash. He loves to let the poor mouse then run in kitchen an play with her, before he then eat up it, or give me as present. Oh so i told him loud he shall go out again with his mouse and do whatever he wants do but not inside. Oh he was bit offended. He is not a typical housekitten. When i got him he was so aggressive even they told me he only was inside. It was awful with him in the beginning and my flat was small and i had a flat in the roof of my parents house. and he could nowhere so really look out. and a few times when i had the window open he jumped up and flew down from the 2nd floor. God he did cost me nerves the first 8 months. I drove one weekend away and a friend of mine took him to her. and i was not far and he did bite her so in her leg that she had to go to clinic to stitch all together. He got then better when i moved here in and now i can let him out and when im home he can in and out so how he wants. With or without mices or birdies or whatever. And what he loves to do when he was outside and im cosy on sofa. that he comes and well ummhh fucks my leg. he sits and do there around and purrs and is happy. I must really do him off. Awful is he, but on the other side he is a real real cat, he is so cuddly and needs so much to snuggle. When i wake so slight in morning and he notice it he, makes so a queeking noice always and then comes to me to catch his morning snuggle. :-) Its always a nice start into the Day and it always bright my mood.
So that was now a nice good evening story about the wild CousCous :-) i hope u enjoyed it to read

I thought i give today the 5th part away for the Vintage Kit and share again the other links for the Vintage Special which were already online. The password u find down in the red text.

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Soon available in the NBK Store

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Barbwire said...

Thank you for sharing another special part of the vintage kit. I love it.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for sharing this wonderful kit! It's so romantic...
Love the colours also!


Erika said...

Hi Nicole, our kitties are indoors, but have an enclosed outdoor run, they like to bring us little lizards - uugghhh, the lizards drop their tails off to escape and I they wiggle around uuggghhh. It is funny how proud they are of what they bring home. Hope you get some sleep. Thank you for more of this gorgeous vintage kit.
Best wishes,

Anonymous said...

This is beautiful, thanks for sharing!

fool on the hill said...

I got it!I know sauerkraut and I love it a lot but my family does'nt like it and I can eat it only when I go visit my bavarian friends!Now I'm waiting for other tasty passwords like wurstel or pretzel(my best!!!).Have a nice lazy week;I hope you can sleep,dream and be back with other fantastic ideas!I'll be waiting for you!xxxxx and Hugs

Maria said...

Thank you! Your blog post will be advertised on the DigiFree Digital Scrapbooking Freebie search engine today.

Ann said...

Dear Nicole,
I have enjoyed a lot what you have told us about CousCous. These things bring me many memories about the cat I had when I was a child. I loved it a lot, it was like my little "brother". ¡Ahh! How many years have been past!

About your marvellous gifts, as always: I adore them, so thank YOU very much

fool on the hill said...

This is my second post today:one of my cats like CousCous few months ago came in our garden with no invitation.later I knew that somebody abandoned him in fields aroun my garden;he's very nice and every morning he waits me for a lunch, then he goes around and returns when I come back from work;when the door is open he comes in and mews to say:I'm here,may I?
i love cats and I love people who loves them.
see you soon

Rarole said...

YAYEEE I was so afraid all of this was lost to me. Thank you. And have fun during your week. Always good to look ahead to some time off.

Lark said...

Thank you for sharing.  This kit is beautiful. 

Sharon aka Scrapcat4914 said...

TY so very much for this BEAUTIFUL part 5 special!!!!!!!!
Hope that your week off is wonderful!!!!!!!!

KrisG said...

This is fantastic!!! Thank you for another GORGEOUS part of this fabulous kit!! I'm sooo loving this. I'll be getting a printer/scanner this weekend finally so I can scan all my vintage photos.

Your kitty babies sound so funny!!! I had a crazy kitty one time... ALL over the house, up the curtains, in any hole, everywhere... and FAST, LOL. Thank you for sharing your stories! I love cats so much!

Have a great weekend!

makeyesup said...

The blues are gorgeous, thanks so much. You surely must love your cat to put up with his edible gifts. I know that's very typical of cats, maybe that's why I would only have one that is completely a house cat.

Sharon said...

This is very beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing it. My kitty used to catch mice and eat the body then leave the tail and head were I walked to the bathroom so I would be sure to see it. I remember stepping on it the first time he did it...eeekkk! He is 15 years old now and I am afraid he will be departing us soon.

Meg said...

I do want to thank you for sharing the parts of the Vintage Special kit. I know they are special and I appreciate them. I'm glad you like to tell stories about your kitties on your blog; I enjoy reading them! I have two kittens (8 months old) that like to steal things off my desk!
~Meg from Virginia

Jeanie (Scrapdoctor Designs) said...

Gorgeous - thank you so much!