Sunday, 27 April 2008

Saturday Night....

and all is new :-) I hope u like the new fresher Look of my Blog. I was bit fed up on the heavy pink and it reminded me always on so much. I decided then today to change already all and put on the Sidebar some new features. As well a Mailing list and a Layout Gallery on which u can upload ur Layouts. And suprise suprise I gave all the old Stuff free again. I had it thankfully all on the old blog safed and could now only copy paste it all. I hope the passwords work everywhere fine. It really can be i put here or there the wrong in. But for that u can email me.
I tried that all with the Forum and password protect it. But it was too long lasting to upload all new on the preview Pictures. I was really bored by it and let it now and decided today to do them online again. For the Shop i will do the stuff i will create in future then. I have so many new ideas that i sure can run with the new stuff a Shop and with the old stuff still serve my Fans. I means not that i will stop with Freebies i sure will go on but not so in a heavy way as i did in the past.

I really like the new colors of the blog and it looks so clean. Like a fresh bed with white Bedstuff :-) ahww. Which give me now a link... i jump in bed now my boy sleeps already.

Have all a great weekend.


KrisG said...

Your new look is beautiful!!!! I love the bright spring colors and it looks happy! It seems that you are feeling happy too!

Thank you also for the new Sky papers! Gorgeous like ALL your creations!

Have a great weekend! and stay smiling!

Anonymous said...

Love your new look. Great for a good attitude which you have to have to go on the way you do without a heavy heart. That is not you anyway.
Maybe it will rub off on others? hehehe. ***hugerssssssss!! Sweet dreams!

Anonymous said...

Love the fresh new look and colors of your blog! Bravo!

educ8ed1 said...

I love the new site. The colors are so refreshing and light. I like the easier to navigate sidebar links too! Good Job! Oh and thanks so much for all the yummy stuff you make for us.

Erika said...

Nicole, it looks fabulous - what a great "reno" as we say. I love the new photo of you too. Must be the start of spring starting to creep in, everything is fresh.
Best wishes,

Katherine said...

congrats for the new look.. It does looks fresher :)

Karin said...

Love the new fresh look :)

catlady aka catslave said...

I like your new blog look. I guess I've been a fan of your for a long time because I have everything youre-posted! You're so sweet to do that for everyone.

Leilani said...

When I visit your blog, I can not help but smile, the new look is beautiful. I am fairly new to your blog, so having the the chance to download all your beautiful work that I missed before, is an wonderful surprise. Thank you very much. I wish you only the best with your future work. I look forward to seeing, purchasing, downloading, and using what you come up with next.

patk said...

your blog looks just super! thanks so much for putting back some of your old works - i've spent the evening just catching up Ü

Ann said...

Dear Nicole
Your blog really looks GREAT. I like it very much and the word that suits best is: "fresh".
As always you have done a very hard work but results are fantastic.

For the way you write it seems to me that you also are renewed (as the blog) and very happy, so I am very happy also for you. I wish you the best with all your new projects.

And about the fact of putting all you stuff free again, I guess this was a great effort from you to all of us. You are full of generosity!
What can I say then, just thank YOU, thank YOU, thank YOU.

Many hugs

AnnieG said...

Love the new look, so fresh.
Thank you for all that you have offered and your optimism.

The sun have finally made a appearance in the UK and I can take some photos to scrap!

Have a nice weekend

Akilah said...

Hello Nicole, I do love your new look blog, I liked the other one also but this is awesome, very classy. Your new logos and colors are great.
Thank you always for the great freebies.

Rarole said...

YAYYYEEE! Great new look. So fresh and clean. Love it. AND a LO gallery. Wonderful. It will be so good to see what people have done with all of your great work. And Thanks for the sky papers! Super.

Calvina Walsh said...

Congratulations on your new Blog Look. I think both blog looks are beautiful because your work has always had a unique quality to it. Thanks so much for all your freebies, I have a special NBK folder on my computer and love to add to it! All the best to you and yours!

Wendy said...

Beautiful new look. Very fresh.
I try to visit your blog from time to time I've got to tell you that it has a more cheerful feeling now, though I liked the previous look, too.
Love your beautiful stuff, I appreciate the attention to details and the hard work you put on it

Anonymous said...

nicole love the new look!!!!
been on easter vacation pc nothing tech around lol! only nature! and that new look on your blog just brings on spring and summer!!!! congratulations!
(hehe joined your mailing list)
good work! thank you!

Sasa said...

Love the fresh, clean look! And the fact that you are offering all of your "old stuff" is fantastic! Thank you for all of your hard work and generosity in sharing it with uw!