Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Memories of a Lifetime

Good Morning. ahhm how is that... the most accidents happens in Household?
God im so silly, i did clean my lamp and hung it down that i could reach all. I put a lot of such clean stuff on and sprayed it. naturally some of it reached the bottom. The Lamp was clean and i did hung it up on cealing again. I stood on sofa and then made a huge step down.... into the smiry clean stuff, and slipt out... bang my head on table and bang my whole upperbody on bottom and my knee i smashed. God do i have now pain. I wasnt till now at doctor , but maybe i should go. I just cool it very that helps- but i had an awful night behind me now...

But now to the Memories of a Lifetime-Kit which you can get in the Store.

You get that Kit for 4,99 Euro / 6,97 $.
Take a Look over the Layouts what you can do all with that Huge Kit.
Memories of a Lifetime - This Kit will come to you with 312 Elements an 105 Papers
the Kit includes Elements like, Bubbles and Waterdrops, Sunshines, Diamonds, Wingchair, Tags, Trims, Bows, Wordarts, Frames, Books, Butterflies, Roses, Crochets, old TV, Stars and Pearls, Leafes and Branches, Lantern, Angels in stone and glitter, old Labels, Fence, Birds in an old Style, Lace, Sequins, Stamp-Frames, Clips and Pins, Broches, a Stairway to Heaven, Clockhand, Curls and Swirls, Saftypin, Clock, Latter, Journals, Bell, Antique sign, Crowns, Buttons, a Scaffold...

and some Layouts of Doris from TempusFug
Check out her so great Mothersday Kit she just gives out for Free.

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Saturday, 25 April 2009

Easter Blessing Add-On Felt Stuff 2

Good Morning to a happy sunny Weekend.
I was so busy with work the week over that i had almost not a second time to be online.
Im so glad that CousCous is the old again, annoying, wanting whole time eat and try fight with Sweetie. I realised at the last check at the Doc with him, how tight it was to loose him. But now my big Boy is again fine and its wonderful to see him just outside and enjoying the sun.
And I am off the next week, to do some spring clean and work on the Shop and do some freebies for you.
Jesus Easter is already away and i still give away the Easter Blessing Kit. I made it so huge that it went into so many parts. Today you get some felt Stuff. Clouds and a heart and some Button-Flowers plus a Felt-Tag. They look always nice on each Layout. If you want the whole Kit at once. I offer it in the Shoppe for 4,99 Euro / 6,97 $. Think about that when you buy sometimes something in the Shop that you help me to go on further with really exclusive Freebie Kit like the Easter Blessing. I buy a lot stuff for my Things and so you can help me to go on. I guess there are not really much designers you get those big Kits.

Today i want show you some metalic Stars and Frames Package.
72 Elements you get with that for only 2,99 € / 4,17$

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Sunday, 19 April 2009

Easter Blessing Part 6 Elements

I hope you had all a great and relaxing weekend. I had yesterday a super great Photoshop workshop and i learned so many new things. Im not that good in retouching digital photos, old and new ones. This i learned yesterday. My head was so full after the Workshop that i not could think straight anymore.
I went then after shopping and bought me a lot herbals and some plants. which i planted in today. I love to have this fresh herbals in Summer. I could each day do chickenbreast with some fresh herbals and garlic on the grill. :-) Some flower i need on the Terace around my little fountain. When they are planted in i will show you my fresh terrace again.
CousCous is the old again. My god he hurted me today so much when i tried to give him still his Antibiotics. Its a real fight to give him and i could need a third hand just. When i could throw the pill in his mouth. I must hold close his nose that he chokes the pill down. Its really bad to do that to him but i have meanwhile again no chance against him. Even i feel he is still not that strong how he was and his weight is too less for him. So he gets next time bit more or he catches some mice outside. puuh. Sometimes he bringt them home and let them run in flat around. I must then catch the mouse while he sits and watches me. Its sure weird picture to watch us then ;-)
Today i want show you a Kit which i did for the Shop. Its called Garden of Eden. So summer and fresh i find it is. Thanks to Vicky for the Layouts she made for me, plus 2 Clusters. Which come today for free to you. Please leave Vicky a big thank you for the Clusters when you download them.
Plus today you get another part to the Easter Blessing Kit.
I wish you all a great start into the week now enjoy todays post...
Garden of Eden available @ NBK The Shoppe

as well thanks to Doris/tempusfug for her Layouts
she made out of the Garden of Eden Kit.

... and those are my Layouts which came out of the
Garden of Eden Kit

Remember if you Download, give some Love and
link back to his Blog if u want share it with others!
I give away my Freebies for Free, please honour
that in a respectfull way. The Password is: shoppe
Garden of Eden available @ NBK The Shoppe
Download: Garden of Eden Clusters
Filesize 11mb

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Friday, 17 April 2009

KITTY update

here is a short Kitty Update...
Couscous ist much better since yesterday. The fever droped more, but was still at 39,7. After Doc he wanted bit eat and outside. Today he was much better too, had bit food and he purred again, which he not did the last days. He hides now since the morning that i can give him his pills. Im so so happy that he is better now and i think now the fears to loose him is away.

And i hope you like the new Blog Layout i made just. The other was too heavy i found. This one i very prefer more. Its fun to do such Blog Layouts and its something different. Maybe you will get some from time to time free for you to download in a time. The Elements are out of a new Kit i just create. It will be a Vintage Styled one again with brighter colors.

I want show you today some
Altered Metal Plates and Frames which i made for the Shoppe. They are always needed in so many Layouts. 74 pieces you will get with that Add-On.
available @ NBK-THE SHOPPE

Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Easter Blessing Part 6 Elements

Today i want show you something i made for the Shoppe.
Great Tulle and Lace Bruses + all files in png. You can use them in every Layout and as you can see you can reach so soft colors with the Brushes.
Check them out here

I came just back from the Doc with Couscous. His fever is slight better but still 40.2 degree and he not wants eat at all. I bought him his beloved Cheesepaste from that he licked a little bit. Now i tried it with tuna but he went under bed now and then he jumped in my bed and sleeps now. I bit watched his breathing and realised that it is slight slower than yesterday. He got again 2 injections and a worm cure as well. Oh the boy i so very hope he gets better fast. Poor Kitty. He never was till now ill or had something really bad. I leave im now bit alone and i hope he sleeps and later i want try again to give him something eat.

And i have today the 6th part of the Easter Blessing Kit for you to download.
Enjoy the Elements and have a great day.

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Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Poor Kitty

Today i was with CousCous at Doc. The boy didnt eat over the weekend and was so apathic and silent and weak. I came today from work home and watched him, but then decided thankully to go with him to Doc. She checked his temperature and it raised to 40.8°degree. I was shocked and i realised that he did breath faster than ususall. His lungs got checked as well and now we have the diagnosis Lunginflammation. The Doc said if i had last time and i said some weeks ago i had a lunginflammation, she said its possible he got it and carried the virus and now it broke out. He got now an injection and some pills. If i not can give him those pills tomorrow he must go back in clinic for a few days that he gets his medicaments. So please all keep fingers crossed he eats the pills with something very tasty. I not want he must be away from home when he is so ill. He sleeps since hours in his beloved plaid cuddled. I so so very hope he feels already tomorrow better.
I wish you all a nice week... i hope i can come up tomorrow with a new part of the Easter Blessing Kit.

Sunday, 12 April 2009

Happy Easter... and a Charity Woof Kit

Today i have a special matter!
We all know and feel the global crisis, in all parts of our life. I think i must not say much to that. And the most worst on all is, that some holder of Animals, Dogs and Kittens, gave their Animals to Animal Shelters. Cause they not can pay for their Animals the food or tax ect... Its sad and the Animals Shelters just are full. My parents were in Spain, in our house. There are dogs found with a cut off ear, that the tatoo is removed and bound somewhere in the heat on a tree. Some got found in a river, almost drowned, but found and saved of some passengers. I did read on a Site that owners did Acid over the Dog dingo-ev.org.
It makes me tears, and sad that people treat their so, one time beloved Animal this way.

Please think first when you want an animal.. can you always keep it in good and in bad times. Do you want go thru hard times with your Animal. And maybe before you go and buy for a Dog for fortune at a breeder - have a look around in your Animal Shelter. Sure there waits as well a Animal, to be loved from you.

Doris, of tempusfug, created for the NBK-THE SHOPPE a Charity Dog Kit.
Please buy that Kit cause you help with it a Dog somewhere outthere, behind a grid, not loved anymore.

I made a Add-On to this Kit some tiny Dog Clips which look always cute on each Dog Layout. Have a look at the Quickpages i made out of Doris so cute Kit. Its so versatile.
Remember if you Download, give some Love and
link back to his Blog if u want share it with others!
I give away my Freebies for Free, please honour
that in a respectfull way. The Password is: woof

Download: CharityWoof Kit Add-On
Filesize 5mb

Charity Woof Kit @ NBK-The Shoppe

Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Tooo toooot.... and the Easter Blessing goes further

I cant believe!!!! Do you believe???
After months of getting grey hairs and waiting, finding someone who really can fix the Shop, not leave me alone with it... its done... its here, and it seems to work.
I so very hope the Shop works for now all of you out there and i would like to invite you, to visit my new Store. The NBK-Shoppe. There are still some things which not looks perfect, some Kits are so huge that the Shop is too short and can show all the Previews i did already for most of the Kits.
Klick in the Image below to enter the Store. I would be happy to get some feedback from all of you. Good and Bad. Im excited....

Sorry, Download expired!
Buy now the whole Kit @ the NBK Store

Friday, 3 April 2009

Easter Blessing Part 5 Elements

hello and good Evening. i hope u all enjoyed the last week. Here, finally came the Spring. Birdies and sun and the grass got from one day to the other fresh and green. Daisys came out and first Bumble Bees i saw. I came home after work and was outside in sun with the kittens and only enjoyed the sun on skin. 20° we had here and somehow the sun warms soul from the grey and long winter this year. Somehow its like bloom with all the flowers. I just could go outside and start to throw a piece of meat on the grill :-).

I wish all of you a great relaxing weekend and as well some sun.
And that u not go home from here today empty. a new Part of the Easter Blessing Kit. Part 5 of Elements. Enjoy.
Sorry Download expired!
Buy the whole Easter Kit @ NBK-The Shoppe

Did you see Doris new Spring Kit?
I just love it and made this Quickpage out of it.
The Bunny is so cute and adorable.
Please check out her Blog to get todays great Quickpage
she gives out.
Klick here

and today my Sweetie enjoyed the first sun outside and i thought she would look lovely with that cute pink rose around her neck. She was kind of confused of it and i had to run after her to catch her and take the bow away. :-)