Saturday, 28 February 2009

Falling for you - Element 4

Good Evening my Friends!
I hope you had all a great start into the Weekend.
We had today the first warm day in the new year, lot sun and lot snow is now melted away. Thankfully. I loved to watch the kittens today how the enjoy the first sunburst and had a sleepy outside. Sweetie started immediatly to loose her white fur, she cuddled with me and i had like her a white for on me. Awful. I brushed her but it helped not much. CousCous fur looks at the moment awful, he was not outside often that he loose the hairs, and brush he hates, so the scissor did the work and he looks bit like a Punk now ;-)
Oh my car got broken the last weekend, the lightmachine of my beloved Corsa not worked anymore. So i had the whole week no car and still not. I very hope that it will be fixed on monday. I walked the whole week to work. and on those days it did heavy rain and snow i walked and on the days it was nice i found someone who picked me.

The Spring and Easterdays did this year inspire me and there will be again a Huge Freebie Kit which is called Easter Blessing. Lot fresh colors, Flowers, Birdiehouses. I guess it has over 250 Elements and Almost 90 Papers. It will come in 11 Parts over the next week.
But for today i want share with you the last part of the Falling for You Kit.
There wil be 2 Parts to download, cause this part was too huge, to pack it in one. So goodbye to the Falling for you Kit. Let the Spring come in and have fun with that next big Kit.

Who wants to do some professional Layouts for me? I seach some CT Members.
If you have the Style of the Layouts I create... then send me some of your Layouts or the Link to your Gallery. donate (@)

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Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Saturday, 21 February 2009

Falling for you Goodiebag 2

Long time i not wrote to you all. I was last time so busy with work and other stuff. So many sad news i got, that i had not really the head for writing to you all.
After now this weeks trip to my Boy i feel much better and much more full of Energy.
I had a Shoppingtour thru Amsterdam the other days and i came across this store with this Gnome. I did so laugh and brought me back so many Memories of me as a child. :-) My parents had such one in smaller in their bookshelf, and my Mama told me i did hate that thing so much and when i saw it i grabbed it and did bite so in the nose, i went nuts by it always. I not know how old i was there, maybe 2 or 3. Mama said then i once got so crazy with that Gnome she then decided to throw it away. Somehow is it pity now its gone, but always when i see a Gnome like this i must smile and laugh about my own Crazyness as a Child :-)
When i was now away the days, my Sister looked after the Kittens and she was so cute and came really twice a day along to watch over them. I get always tears when i come back and have the Kitties again, god how i miss them always. I want always took them best with me, but i think an 9 hour trip in a box is too much for them.

And i long wrote not about our Sam, the Golden Retriever found last year at my Parents a new Place. We got a few huge problem with the Dog, my parents were in Spain in our house and my little Sister visited them there. My Papa drove out of the parkingplace and Sam wanted with him go and was totally hyper. My Mama and sister screamed at him that he not runs in the street, then my Sister did hold him back and he turned around and did bite her 3 times in her butt and hips. We were so shocked. We realised he has often bad days and he is greedy and when he wants something not, he gets angry. My parents came then back a few days later and we searched a Trainer to get that problem fixed. Xmas and all the Holidays came and Sam was again the sweet Dog and was almost all forgotten. My parents then tried to learn the things with him they got told. Then mid January, my Papa came with him back from his Morning Walk, Sam knows he gets then after his Breakfast, he was so hyper again and papa did send him to his place and then when Sam got his Breakfast, he was already so angry that he did bite very deep into my Papas Hand. What a shock again. It was all around when i was so ill with the lung inflammation. My Parents said so it not can go on. Mama said she is now so afraid of Sam that she not wants him anymore. My parents had 2weeks i guess the cried because of Sam. They love him already and papa said they are acutally not someone giving up so fast. So then now Sam gets an very hard education. he was in a Puppy School and he follows all what we say to him, sit, lie... But when he not gets something with his stubborn head he gets so angry that he bites. We now found out that we were too soft with Sam, allowed him too much and he tried (or was already) the head of the Family. Thats why he wears that green thing around his neck on the picture which means "Man of the House". Meanwhile is it better. He not likes to get brushed or cleaned after a walk. So he gets such a muzzle o his head then can he grumble how he wants but no one hurt. So next week Sam and my Parents will be back again to Spain and i hope he will be a fine boy. Just have a look of some pictures of Sam in Spain. I just love that picture of him and Papa sleeping both relaxed :-)

Have all a great relaxing Weekend and rest all good.
And last i have another goodiebag for the Falling in love Kit.

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Saturday, 14 February 2009

Happy Valentine

I wish you all a happy Valentines Day today. That you have a great day together and enjoy it wit all your beloved.
For this Day i made a Quickpage with a Alien-Angel-Drawing of the lovely
Maryse of
Please visit her Blog and give her as well some Credits for her Artwork.

The Angel comes as an extra within the Download.

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Thursday, 12 February 2009

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Falling for you - Papers 1

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