Sunday, 30 March 2008

ohhh god...

i miss the one hour they did steal me eh. Im so tired and i found almost not the way out of bed. Yesterday we had such a warm weather. It was so nice a week ago was it all covered with snow and nos we had over 20° C. I had a nice walk and enjoyed it so much.

Have all a great start into the week

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oh chaotic day...

the account of the pirat got deleted by 4shared again. I think we must live with so idiots out there. who upload and who steal... i got recently a mail from Dinphy (thanx btw) she did read that on a other blog ( i not know the source) but i must say it bit well ja opend my eyes. We all did somewhere catch something which is well not bought. We not can stop piracy and i never can stop that my stuff get pirated. i can protect it maybe best with selling, that is true. cause those who buy will not somewhere upload it.
i think i must learn better to really shit on such ones but if something happens we all should not ignore it and go against and find the one who pirated. I often realised that those who do that often not understand english. they found and grab and not can read in english or the language in which the blog is written. that is the word wide web we have entrance into all kind of cultures and languages if we understand or not we can nevertheless use all what we find and is able to download.
these are just my thoughts.... some asked me with email how to get my old stuff. I work on the forum and it needs bit till all is reuploaded on preview pictures again.

The dinner yesterday was incredible. and it did so good to invite my friend. oh but thru all with the voucher. i totally forgot to give a tip god im so ashamed i forgot it. I realised it then yesterday when i was almost home.

I will now go back on sofa and cuddle with my boy.

Have all nice rest weekend....

Saturday, 29 March 2008


JEEESUUUS was that great :-))) WOW we had such a joyfull evening and it did sooo good ahww. here i just have some pictures... well not that now someone gets hungry ;-)

Thursday, 27 March 2008


first of all thanks to Cher... another found my stuff so great to reupload it.
Maybe someone feels boring and wants write to that email Adress
by: piramidesx1 (at)

Im working on the Forum and it this with the Membership sounds great, but i think its too complicated maybe. I must look on the weekend how possible that is to do. I very hope i can give on the weekend bit more infos out and work on all further. I have such a todo list just.

Oh tomorrow i will go out with a friend. We got for Xmas a dinner voucher from work and so i invited her. Cause she is really there for me always. I not want miss her in my life. She and her husband i know since we were in School maybe around 10 or 11 i think. They came with 16 together and married 3 years ago then now we are all 33. God time passes by thats unbelievable, now they have a one year old son. Its wonderful to see him grow, get his first teeths and see him learn walking.

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lazy evening....

with a bit of tryouts.... i was lazy on sofa this evenin, as i came late back home from work, i had dinner and watched Desperate Houswives. I then after tried bit something. And i sure will come up with it next days. I hope u like the Hearts :-) i made the stitched a few months ago at a friends machine and found it now again. :-)

Its so amazing how many "Fans" i have. I should make a Fan-Club hihi :-) Oh i thought so maybe u can all suggest me some Shop on which i can write and ask for sell my Stuff. I never looked for shops so cause i always create my stuff for me alone. That would be great!

So have a goodnight all. And take care of u all...

Wednesday, 26 March 2008

im sick of black

and want my pink back..... :-)
Have a good night all....

How we spend our days is,
of course,
how we spend our lives.

Annie Dillard

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Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Good Morning....

first of all thank for all the positive Mails , Comments u gave me all.
The thing is just i not exactly know how i shall go on further. The idea i have now that i will go on further in a tiny style with selected "Fans" of my Things. I not bother about traffic and how many scrappers or weird nasty people jump around on my blog.
Its very sad that there are people who not have any good behaving towards others. Im gonna ask me what education they had and how they treat others. Well. I must say and some know that, cause they read my Blog frequently , im very hurt by all. Im hurt by those who treat me like im a idot. Somehow i fall always in the trap to help to be nice and then i get a hug kick in ass and get told its my own guilt and whatever. Very sad, but im glad that the most here really are honest scrapers. I not point on those who not leave a comment each time. that is ok and they should really not feel bad. Some are nice and give me each time a thank you.
Im now in contact with some Shops to sell further my Stuff. The Vintage will be definatly online again to download i created so many stuff for it what be for free. Iwant still keep up my Freebies but not in that masses i did. , cause i want then do more stuff for shops. The Vintage i not can sell cause i use Brushes and the Backgrounds from a non commercial site.
I must now first all sort out what i can sell from my stuff i made already and what i can still let online as Freebies. It will maybe give a new blog with the sell stuff and the new freebies the beloved kittens and some things i share from my life. then there will be the old blog which i had with the old stuff. All Freebies i will protect with a password and those who wrote me already and those i know from comments will get a invitation to my Freebies. This will take some days to organise and upload.
Sure will that all again give some the opportunity to upload my old stuff somewhere and share it under hand.
I not thought and i was very naiv maybe that to give things away for free can make such problems and make me feel so bad. Sad very Sad, last time my Xmas got really overshadowed from it, this time now Eastern. I not know who that do to me. I know on Xmas was it something else as well and i know exactly who that was and i know now as well who that was who gave the Passwort in that Mailing list further.

Fact is that those all happend to the blog:
- Hotlinking to my directly 4shared Folders
- Re-Uploading my Stuff from others
- Giving Away the password even it stood really everywhere on the blog,
only because some are not able to bit read. I made it really easy to find the password to find.

Thats it for just.

Monday, 24 March 2008


i just only drop in short to let u all know im not sick. Those who wrote me already will be informed whats going on. Just i wait of some infos to let u all know what exactly happened. Before, i want nothing say to it.
I changed the password.... and here comes the Question why the site is down....


W-H-O??? Come out and show you!

Sunday, 23 March 2008


Mails to me

I want thank all who gave me support and enjoyed my Work.
I will keep u all updated how it will go on.