Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Off, off off :-)

... it does sooo good to be off just. i relax much hang around and be less on computer. Today I go to the Birthday and i created a card which fit to the Cup. The Letters down there i share with u all. Click on it and safe the png file on ur harddrive.
I just build me up a huge Archive with lot templates for Papers, tears, torns, tags, patterns. ect
From my Workcolleges Daughter she painted me some sweet Girl Figures. I want use them in the next kit then. Im full plans and it does good to be bit away from the blog. The Vintage Kit is still huge what i will definatly share Free. The Alpha will as well come complete. I did it already and it will all come Free. The thing is that its not easy with the selling. thats why i first must create my own pattern and papers. ( the most i have is already from me) but a lot i have which can not be taken for commercial use. As well the Vintage stuff. Im just on learning how to create such Damask Pattern of my Own, believe me its not easy. :-) But it does good to learn new stuff. Any suggestions how to do pattern in Photoshop or with other Programms are welcome. So im now off and wish u all a great day. I jump short in to my Grandma, i didnt see her since a time.


addicted2scrappin said...

Love the alpha, Nicole!! It remind me of burlap or hopsacking material.

KrisG said...

I don't know what it says but the letters look fabulous!!!! I love the stitching!
I'm glad you relaxing and learning new things! Have a great day!