Thursday, 3 April 2008

Good Morning

i want only short to drop in to check whats s going on.
Im the last days very lazy with the whole scrapping almost not on computer and bit annoyed from it all.
I got a email adress from someone who did pirate but the email then not worked anymore and Someone other wrote me a mail in which she wrote me that she saw the passwort in a mailing list and she wants give me the writers email and so on. Well i heard nothing about her anymore.
I dont know who else fool me... ja its so that i just lost really the fun on it.

Please not email me with things that i shall upload things again or that i shall give the passwort (the current passwort is always written above the download link). If someone missed the last freebie, im sorry, I want make a password protected Forum with the old stuff i made. But please be patient with me . I made the last year over 400 Freebies and those i must all upload again, better said the preview pictures all. That needs time and sure some weeks till i can come up with the Forum. I collected all email i got the last weeks and all who wrote me will be then informed when the Forum is online.

Sweetie got a new Nest a few days ago and she not goes out of it anymore

Have all a great Day


CraZcat said...

your kitty is so cute laying in it's "nest".. i'm also interested in your forum when you open it.. i've recently started visiting your blog.. your designs are so pretty. hope to get you a lo w/ something soon..

Dinphy said...

Looks like Sweetie is enjoying the Nest. It sure looks cosy. Can't blame her, who would want to come out of that? :)

Sharon aka Scrapcat4914 said...

Morning Nicole!!!
Please dont let them get you down as there are still alot of us that LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!
HUGE GIANT HUG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
LOVE your kitty's new bed!!!!!!!!!
Cant blame her one bit for not wanting to leave it!!! LOL
I'm also interested in your forum when you have the time to get it online!!
I know its long process!!!!!!!

xashee's corner said...

i LOVE your kitty's nest!! sooooooo cute!!
Best of luck with the new forum and i am soo sorry to hear they finally got you down, even if it's only a little bit down. i pray you bounce back with fervor!! big HUGs to you!! i hope you have a WONDERFUL day! :D

-TNChick- said...

What a pretty kitty bed. I love adore that photo!!

BunnyRose said...

Sweetie looks so comfy, what a pretty bed. Awesome photo, thanks so much for showing it to us. :) Your in my thoughts and prayers. <3

Anonymous said...

sweetie is so sweet :) nice nest
(I've send you a little something myself...hope you don't mean me!!! and of course I never was or never will be a pirate)

Anonymous said...

Your cat is so cute in her bed!! Sorry everything has been such a hassle for you - we love your work and we can wait for you!! Take your time and get some rest from all this stuff!! MaggieMae aka Julie L.

KEP said...

Hi Nicole, your kitty looks so peaceful in her nest. Hope you have been having a restful time off. If I were you and was having as much trouble with pirates as you have been having, I would not reupload all of your past freebies. I would put a freebie up with a password for a week and that would be it. You have been so kind and accommodating to people. Perhaps more than you should be. I love your freebies. Your work is fantastic. But I think it's time you stopped letting people take advantage of you. Get tough, Sweetie. It'll save your sanity and keep the fun in what you're doing. Sorry to be so longwinded. Just trying to help.

KrisG said...

PLEASE don't let the idiots out there get you depressed. There is bad people everyone but MORE good ones! We all love you, maybe more than you know!!!! I don't know how I can help but if you need help with anything in the forum (uploading or whatever) I'll try to help... and I'm sure there are others who would gladly help you too! I love your stuff... your cat is cute... and you are such a FANTASTIC person! Hugz

Ann said...

Dear Nicole,
First of all, I ADORE the picture of Sweetie, it is so beautiful...

And about all the things about piracy, forum, emails and so on, I usually don´t give advices to anyone, but since I appreciate YOU so much and I guess you are a bit overwhelmed, as an exception and if you let me (I know YOU know what to do with your life without my advices, of course, I dont want to offend you, but to help you if I can), I will tell what I would do if I were you

1-Take it easy... Caaaaaalm, Reeeelax
2-Don´t think any more about piracy, pirates and so on. This was something really awful that happened in the PAST, so I would see to present and FUTURE
3- Don´t pay much attention to people that URGE!!!! you to upload old freebies very SOON!!!
Without any doubt this means a very very hard work so if you want to do it (I would also be very grateful to YOU for that) do it at your rate.

4- As the song: "Don´t worry, be happy"

Best wishes for you and lots of hugs

Kolbrun Osk said...

lol your cat looks sooo comfy there.

nightheart said...

I just found your blog and am very new to digi scrapping. I just want to say thank you and I am sorry that some bad people have made problems for you. Seems like I have missed some great items,I look forward to when you offer your older item again whenever and whereever that may be.

Meg said...

awww, what a sweet picture of a sweet kitty. That looks like such a comfy bed! I have two kittens and they will sleep anywhere, even on the surface of my desk! Thank you for sharing a picture of her.