Monday, 28 April 2008

E-Card Service

this is what i did today beside the walk around our Casle :-) and getting a slight sunburn on my Nose :-)
I created for u a littel Ecard Service. Still there are not much Cards in but some you can choose. For any ideas for cards im happy :-) I hope you enjoy the Service as much as i do. I LOVE ECards :-)) Click on the Sidebar the "Send a Greeting Card" and u will come to my new Feature on my Blog.

I wish all a great start into the new week! Goodnight all


Anonymous said...

I stopped by you blog tonight and was absolutely amazed by how many wonderful things you had up. I should have commented at each download but I was so excited that I forgot. I've picked up many of your wonderful things in the past bbut had a drive failure and lost many of the items that I loved the most. To come by and find them reuploaded - well I just wanted to cry with joy and I hurried to download then\m - afraid they would disappear before I got them - thus my incredibly poor manners. So here is my thank you which is more heartfelt than I could ever begin to put into words!!!!! I'm truely touched by your generousity!

Silverghost said...

Love your new look and the ecard service is great. You have been a busy woman. Glad you got out for some fresh air yesterday. I am not sure if I will be downloading anything today but did want to say thank you for all
you do for us, you are a sweetheart. I am keeping my eye open for anyone who has your files as being their own and will let you know if or when I find any. Hope you have a good week.

xashee's corner said...

WOW!! i LOVE the new look! You have been soo busy doing so much!! GREAT job too! :D Thank you for all you share! i really LOVE your work!! :D