Friday, 12 September 2008

Vintage Papers Skies

did again on 4shared upload stuff...
i give the email adress free to fill up this silly persons mailbox.

to the comments in the guestbook
to April:
i not get it when u did reupload then u had ja already the download. and if you read on my blog bit or see all other downloads then you would had realised that ALL my Downloads never expire. And the folder is available for others thats why i did see it. and if i first conntact all who steal reupload or whatever, i can give up creating stuff. cause im would only be busy around to write to all those who upload. I must not let tell me that i shall think before i act. I did. and i stand to that what i wrote. 99% of all are EVIL Pirates and im meanwhile angry and it makes me not at all fun twice a week or more often find somewhere my stuff uploaded, only because some have this or that apologize. Its my stuff and my stuff stays on my blog and there is a point i get f?%&ing angry meanwhile. I did sit 2 hours tonight to let delete on rapidshare and depositfile almost the whole vintage kit. Cause i got a note of someone that its on a Russian Site given away.

to addicted2scrappin:
Well i think if you have the usuall characters, Numbers and brackets,!, ? thats fine.
But its up to you which characters you want give you.

well after some left bit weird comments here to the 4shared problem. i leave now my last sentence to it all. those who left the messages i see have not a clue of 4shared. aprils email adress was open for public. everyone was able to see it as she was not able to hide it. maybe it was a mistake of her and not meant bad. but why should I ask others who upload my stuff which i not want. sorry it makes me laugh, that i should be nice to those then. Shall i say thanks to them. And this Jesus thing is really funny. Who for such things find Jesus or bring Jesus in, in my opinion, not really have the right connection to Jesus. So that its now. if some now not want come anymore. Ja then its so. Those who know me and my blog, know that im a generous person, love to give my stuff for free. But i protect my creativ work if i can as well others. Freebie means not i can do whatever i want. It means treat with respect. If i not get respect, then i react same way back.

so end of this again...

Sorry, Download expired!
Soon available in the NBK Store


Anonymous said...

I am sooooo sorry! I was out of town for a funeral and uploaded your file to my 4shared so that I would not miss the download! I thought that I set it to not be available for others. If you look at my folder, I do not have anything uploaded for others.

I wish you would have contacted me personally before you trashed me publicly for an honest mistake. Not all of us are evil pirates. Don't worry I will not visit your blog again and will NOT use or promote your designs in anyway.

You may want to think before you act.

Sharon aka Scrapcat4914 said...

TY so very much for the LOVELY BGs!!!!!!!!!!

addicted2scrappin said...

Thanks Nicole for the lovely papers!!! I have a question for you --- I'm creating a freebie alpha and would like to know if there are any special characters I should also include to make it international-friendly?

Anonymous said...

I was not able to save the file to bring home with me, I DID NOT have a COMPUTER or disk to bring home, I WAS OUT OF TOWN at a library!!!, so I uploaded it to my account to be re-downloaded at home. I DID NOT realize that you do not expire your files as I follow almost 100 blogs and sorry but am human and can't remember who expires and who doesn't. I thought I had set it to not be shared. I MADE A MISTAKE during a time of UTTER GRIEF!!! Sorry for being human. I AM NOT upset that you reported it to 4shared, that is your right as it didn't get saved as private, what I AM upset about it that you automatically call me out as a pirate and slander my name over the internet without giving me a chance to explain. If you had found more of your files and those of others than by all means but it was ONE only ONE file the only time it has EVER happened and you slam me. Sadly I am NOT a pirate but simply a fan of your work who didn't want to miss out on the last of such a beautiful alpha. No worries, I have deleted all of your work and I will no longer PROMOTE your work on my site or forums that I frequent. You DID NOT think before you acted you simply reacted.

I never could understand why you felt that you are above everyone are not the only one who is pirated, my stuff has been pirated also along with several other designers, the MUSIC industry, MOVIE industry, photographers, web designers and the list goes on. If you get that upset over 1 file then you are in the wrong business and are going to give yourself a stroke or ulcer. In the FUTURE you may want to consider having some respect and giving someone the chance to explain, apologize etc before you fly off the handle. I am respectful enough to others to send them a friendly e-mail before I DESTROY their credibility.

I am now requesting that MY EMAIL ADDRESS be removed from your site or YOU WILL here from my lawyer.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for sharing! And April's temper tantrums here are making for some entertaining reading, too. I'm sure you're so sad that she won't be visiting your blog anymore. :)

Maria said...

Thank you! Your blog post will be advertised on the DigiFree Digital Scrapbooking Freebie search engine today (look for timestamp: 13 Sep [LA 12:44am, NY 02:44am, UK 07:44am, OZ 05:44pm] ).

Anonymous said...

Merci beaucoup elles sont très belles !

Et surtout merci de ta générosité.



Anonymous said...

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Buster3 said...

I think the person that runs this site in not such a nice person!
to have a disagreement with someone
then instantly BASH that persons character, Plus post an e-mail address,tells me a lot about HER character! She probably did this because this April person is possibility a better artist!

Personally, I would never have posted her e-mail address! I would have e-mailed her and talked with her about what she did or what I thought she did. then if there were no results taken action!

In my opinion this NBK person is the PIRATE for not using her brain before using her mouth!

If she had any sence at all she would remove the e-mail address then talk to the April person!

After all What would Jesus do?

Your Brother in Christ

NBK proudly presents said...

haha someone who offers dvd rips and come with Jesus... i cant take serious...

Anonymous said...

i agree with the person above that is well out order,you could have gone through the proper channels and contacted april about the matter,but no you decided to go public and ruin a wonderfull persons credibility and good name,shamefull behaviour,i take it youve never made a mistake well i know whos blog ill be visiting in future and it certainly wont be yours.

Buster3 said...

that's an old website and hasn't been used sence i found Jesus!
but thank you for worrying about me!

Anonymous said...

Your work is lovely and I very much appreciate all that goes into it. I haven't learned how to make the items and so can greatly appreciate your pride in your work.

I am very sorry about the events that unfolded and can certainly understand that you would be terribly concerned about someone uploading as they did. It may have been an innocent mistake but your instructions are very clear that your work is not to be uploaded.

Thank you again for your lovely site and your beautiful work. Please know that many of us greatly appreciate your work and respect your restrictions on the use of your items.

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much


Anonymous said...

and the way youve answered the gentleman called buster3,is just down right rude,i have been thinking over this for a few days and still come to the same conclusion,what you did to april is not fair,diplomacy is the best policy not destoying the poor womans credibility,as she explained she had been to a funeral,and made one mistake,and you punish her buy doing this,were is your compassion or have you forgot about human nature we all make mistakes,its just some are more understanding them than you are.

Zara said...

I unfortunately really have to agree with the posters who thought your behaviour, NBK, was uncalled for. And this is after reading through this post AND looking through your blog!

Yes, you make beautiful work and I have downloaded many of your designs, but I think you need to get off your high horse. I'm sorry if this is insulting but there's no other way to say it.

After reading this post I also read through your blog and have come to the conclusion that you expect way too much from people who visit your blog! I'm sorry honey, but while your designs may be free, you're not the only fish in the pond and it's about time you treated people a bit nicer! It doesn't matter how free or how nice your designs are, keep up your rotten attitude and you won't have ANY fans.

How you treated April really looks poorly on YOU, not her. I understand both viewpoints, and I understand that piracy is a huge problem, but the way you acted was really not necessary. I understand your immediate reaction completely, but after she apologized and explained herself (including the fact that she was GRIEVING) it should have been you who apologized next. And then you can let bygones be bygones, instead you had to make a huge deal out of it and revel yourself for the crude, selfish, uncaring woman that you are.

I felt I had to type this because I'm sick of artists thinking their shit don't stink just because they list 'freebies'. It's YOUR choice to list freebies, it doesn't mean you get to make a list of your demands and demean anyone who doesn't follow them.

Having said that, your work IS beautiful, I just wish your attitude was as beautiful as your creations.

Buster3 said...

Oh Zara... You have a wonderful way with word!! I only wish a lot of other people could share your point of view!

God Bless you!

tigger said...

I'm really sorry that I missed all of the action! Nicole, don't you worry at all about what others (who steal) think about you. You have to remember that when theives hate you then you are doing the right thing. Criminals hate the police, right? Those of us who would never dream of stealing love your designs and know that you are the creator. And if these "people" don't know that your downloads never expire then they are just out for the grab. And downloading during a time of utter grief? Why are you online if you're that sad eh? I am much more inclined to side and believe Nicole after visiting her wonderful artworks here for over a year now than I am a person who downloads and uploads other people's art during a funeral.
I love your artwork always nicole!!!

Buster3 said...

Geee..... Another EVIL person that doesn't Understand the story!

I'm praying for you Tigger


tigger said...

I understand quite well. That is why I don't re-upload other people's artwork. Ever! What part of that is hard to understand? Nicole created it and she decides how it is to be distributed. End of discussion.

tigger said...

And the EVIL person comment? Kinda neat that someone who supposedly prays is judging someone as evil. Isn't that God's job?
Take two Commandments and call your pastor in the morning.

Zara said...

Tigger ... correct me if I'm wrong but I believe that here Buster is actually referencing NBK's post when using the term 'EVIL'. It's a play on words.

Oh and thanks Buster, LOL. :)

Buster3 said...

Yes Zara, I was a play on words. ;)
isn't it funny how you just have to explain every little detail to certain people? I guess god didn't give us ALL the gray matter to distinguish right from wrong!

it's also funny how some people can take a minor mistake
and blow it all out of proportion!
Talk about making a mountain out of a mole hill!

Am I being judgmental or am I being truthful?


leviathon said...

who the hell you calling thieves tigger, you nbks spokesperson now because they cant fight there own dam arguments they cause all this crap but need you to speak for them,well while your sucking up to them calling us all pirates and thieves,just remember you will mess up one day and she will do the same thing to you,as she did to that poor woman,but as for calling us all thieves you got proof of that or as i belteve it takes one to know one so shove that were the sun dont shine and this silly excuse of a blog,well you can stick that there to,just remember nbk and your little side kick tigger,you throw accusations out like that be ready to back up your claims,call me a thief again and you will be hearing from my lawyer.

Sue said...

Hi Guys...

I have read through these comments, and can see where an honest mistake has been made, on both sides.

Where is your empathy for both of these people?

Piracy should not be supported, and it looks like this was not the case, with the mistake has been rectified.

Many sites freebies have recently been uploaded, so NBK Scrap has the right to let people know. The posted 'email' in question was available for anyone who had the link to the download, and it would have been interesting to see if anyone else had been to it, during the time it was available... not many I bet.

Just help & support these great generous designers with their freebies, by not posting or uploading them anywhere.

NBK - thanks again for your continuous generosity.