Sunday, 12 October 2008

Seashore Splendor Numbers Patchwork

Good Evenin' i hope u had all a nice relaxing Weekend. I enjoyed the Party and did met some ex colleges which was so nice. Only 4 hours standing wasnt that enjoyable. ;-) on the party. We had a nice buffet there and such tasty Tiramsu someone made. Yummiiiee.
Today i started with my Boys Birthday Present. As he is born on xmas its really good to start early with all. I not want say what it is, even he never check the blog only when i send him here. But if its ready maybe i will bring it up as a Freebie one time.
I thought really we get a nice indian summer weekend but somehow was it only foggy and bit chilly. So i will now go and iron and watch the German "Tatort".

Have all a great start into the Week and check out tomorrows next Bragbook and for today i have the Numbers to the Patchwork Alpha.

Sorry, Download expired!
Soon available in the NBK Store

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tigger said...

This is just what I needed to cheer me up. I really love this kit. The colors have really calmed me down and you are wonderful for creating it. Thank you!!