Saturday, 11 October 2008

Seashore Splendor Collab Bragbook 3

Good Morning and i wish you all a happy weekend. I will be on a party today of a college and he wished that i bring up some self made meatballs in greek style. So i will spend the midday in kitchen to make out of 2kg hashmeat meatballs. :-) Extra hot and spicy he ordered :-)

Today again lovely Doris and me have a Bragbook for you, go to her Blog and grab you her third part and leave her some love.
I just found now pictures which fit to the bragbook. My Parents were with our new familymember Sam on the German Island Sylt. My Papa gave this trip to my Mamas 60th birthday. She was as a child for a cure there and wished always to go one time there back. And she said she could soso remember on so many things. Ways or houses she could remember. I found it so sweet of my Papa that he gave her that and that he had that idea and that he did listen to her wish. Next week they want drive in our house in spain to spend there till xmas the time.
Sam last time tries to find his place in the family well he is a boy and he grumbles against papa. Yesterday he found on the street a piece of bred with sausage on. Mama said he not is allowed to eat that. Papa would had let him. But then he said to Sam he shall give it out. But Sam not did he grumbled so loud, and papa said so long to him till he after 15 minutes then gave it out. Meanwhile stood around them a lot people and looked what is there and all commented it and knew a better tip. In the end he gave it out, he was pissed but then got a goodie. He tries just very be the boss. Mama is bit afraid of him when he so grumbles. but i said to her she shall ignore it or tell him he shall be quiet. He is in things he not want just do so that he grumbles. I think after a year he could do what he wanted and no one told him what he shall do or let, he must bit re-learn all, that not all goes after his head and that he is sure not the boss. :-)

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Here i have some Birdies,
Trees and Scalloped Elements

which fit to the Seashore Splendor Kit
This Part you can get thru a Donation.
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here i have done a Layout for my Boy today
with one of the Birdies and the Elements plus a tree.


Kiki K said...

Oh! I'm first! Thank you both of you for another pretty pages

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TY so very much!!!!!!

Trisha said...

Thank you Nicole :-)

sandy said...

thanks I love your designs