Saturday, 25 October 2008

Layout Sunshine

im trying new things and styles out the last days and today this Layout came out by it.
I made it for my Boy with one of the cutest picture of him. :-) I love the tiny Apple on it cause he loves Apples even only the Granny Smiths ones. But he is my Sunshine - and he brights every Day for me. I love to play last time with shadows so that i looks more realistic. Im not perfect in it cause when i see sometimes other layouts i say often to myself this i can never reach. Well but i try to get better learn more and try new things out.
Would u love to get a Kit out of that things?

aaand.... ahww my Boy and me made a
Jack-o-Lantern together and he now watch into my Livingroom :-)
He laughed so cause i made eyebrows on mine :-)) It was so nice to do that, even i had the feeling my hand not lives anymore after the cutting and doing out the inside of the pumkin.

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xashee's corner said...

i LOVE the layout and YES i would LOVE a kit with those elements!! LOL i LOVE your designs! :D