Sunday, 19 October 2008

Seashore Splendor Collab Bragbook 7

Hello and i wish you all a happy sunny Sunday. It got so fall meanwhile here. I cant believe. The trees almost lost their leaves cause it was bit windy last days. Its always so weird to know the summer is away and the winter almost knock on door.
Yesterday evening i was on a birthdayparty and i found another scrapbooking victim. Better said i made out of her one the evening. She never heard about it and i tried explain it her but she not so got it. then i showed her my blog and some other sides and now she wants do too and i shall do with her an crafting midday :-) It was sweet cause i told her she now shall hold her eyes open for all what is scrab-able. So she saw a bottle cap and snagged it immeditaly and she said she will now collect all in a box in. Its great people so love this :-)
And today again another part of the Bragbook, Part 7 and if you want pick the great one of Doris, switch to her blog and let her know how u love her work and check out her new Layout. Its sooo great with what she will come up next.
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Soon available in the NBK Store
Download: Seashore Splendor Collab Bragbook7- Tempusfug

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Trisha said...

Thank you for the next part of this gorgeous bragbook Nicole. Thank you so much for sharing it with us.