Wednesday, 6 August 2008


and tagged! First i want say thanks to all who did gave me this Award.
Im sorry i did so late now answer on all. It makes me happy that you all who nominated me for the Award have fun with my Freebies. The Problem is that i personaly have no connection to other scrappers. So its always hard for me to nominated others further. So please not be angy with me when i not give it further. I hope for understanding. Esp last time was bit a busy time and i had almost no time for Scrap.

But here are the questions i have to answer:
Ten Years ago: I was 24. oh jesus. I think it was one of my wildest times. I was with a bunch of girls almost each weekend in the same club. A lot boys a lot caipirinha, god we did drink it out of big Beer-Glasses. I was there the last time in New York with 2 Friends. ( One will marry now on Saturday, bless them :-) and with the other i started again the Friendship after we had a longer break)
Five things in today's "to do" list: Its mean now to think at 1 at night what i have to do the next 23 hours ;-) well work i should and after i will maybe clean around, write some mails, and learn my Mama and Papa how to email (cause they are now since a week online) and should think about a Layout for my Mamas 60th birthday on Friday.
Snacks I enjoy: Oohh, i love my in the Morning Sandwich. Fresh made with toast or Donut. I love the mediterranian Kitchen and i find more and more the Asian Kitchen interessting. BBQ i find is one of the nices to have with Friends. I love to make myself Smoothies. I have not a special kind of favorite Food.
Places I have lived: Oh god my Hometown and now where i live. Both 2 tiny Cities in the South of Germany. And hopefully soon in Holland with my Boy.

Oh the Kittens. Couscous got, and already expected, the autumn or grass mites. Poor boy and its nothing absolutly nothing on market what can help him. I could give him to vetenary to let him bath with a narcosis. But the effect will dissapear after a half week. So i find the stress with Vet is more stressfull for him. And he got stitched from a wesp or bee so 2 weeks ago. And since there he not much goes out anymore, hangs on me like a child. I not can go to toilet and he follows me. Just he sits besides me and looks dreamy at me. he waits that i make a reaction that he can lie in my arms. Sweetie is same, her eyes are bad just again, and ears now are bad again too. She is again on medicaments with all. They got a WellnessCenter on weekend, but it looks they are not so happy with it.


Lori said...

Congrats Nicole! You really deserve this award! :)

Anonymous said...


xashee's corner said...

i LOVE learning about you!! Big CONGRATS on your AWESOME award!! Hope you have a BEAUTIFUL day!!

Anonymous said...

congrats. nice to here from you.
sorry for the kittens thought :(