Friday, 20 June 2008

Good Morning

so now i just wrote email to the shop and as well deleted from my blog the post.

Sweetmade contacted me and explained me how all happend. I can understand it as a new user in the Scrapworld to download from sites something which is as well stolen. Its hard to know what is realy from the designer on the blog and what is stolen from somewhere else.
So the real pirate came from a other blog but is meanwhile down.

I hope now its cleared and i the Shop of
did not pirate from my site.

this is what sweetmade wrote me and on the comments and i think it explain all... and its again to see what piracy makes...
Hi it is me again,
Sry for posting on your blog yet again but I am not sure if my messages are getting to you.
I was contacted successfully by colleen, I gather she is your friend. I spoke to her about this issue right away, as soon as I found out there might be a copyright violation I told colleen I am disabling the product till I can find out who this bow belongs to.
Colleen today told me and showed me the link to your blog here.
I am very sorry this is happening to you, being pirated myself many times I know how heart wrenching this is, specially if you are a freebie provider where as to you do not get paid.
I think this is a big issue and I would like to help make you whole on this.
As I feel I too am a victim in this situation but the person that is hurt and suffering is you.
By all means I want to help you make this right. I have e mailed you 2 e mails one which included the pack of bows I got
Looks like this one below
About a year ago when I was new to scrap booking I searched foreign sites for free cu items, not many I found, amongst them was this pack and another one I send to you( so you can check if any of those are yours)
They looked like they were a set, they are all shiny and look like they are made by the same designer.
I do not have any of your freebies, nor am I a pirate, I know this is hard to prove but with all the freebies out there, and so many claiming to be a designer it is hard to trust anyone.
But if I were a pirate I am sure you would have found more than just 1 bow in my items that were yours, because all of your stuff is great I can see how anyone would try to download it away.
Claiming things as your own if they aren't isn't fun nor right.
Since then I have gotten a new PC and new scanner and camera, I no longer search for freebies I do it myself. I only purchase actions now and do my own scans and photos.
i have been running back and fourth to my old PC to try to find the link to that site.
Most of those sites have been shut down, if I still read them I might know why... It was at first hard for me to recall where I got it from since this was over a year ago and I didn't have that bow on my new hd.
I wish to rectify this situation with you and do as you see fit as far as compensation, because it is my own fault I didn't make sure that I actually could use that bow. I am also willing to show you any purchase quantities as far as money wise goes so you can better make a decision on how you want to be compensated.
As far as how I contacted you it was here via your contact box and the now 2 comments I left.


Lori said...

WEll NICE! I like how that worked out! Good for her for doing what she can to clear her name AND put you in touch with the real thief.
HUGS Nicole..hang in there

xashee's corner said...

i am soooooooo very glad that she is helping to do what she can to resolve this mess for you! Thank you so very much for sharing your creative and BEAUTIFUL talent!! Have a WONDERFUL weekend! :D

Anonymous said...

I'm SO glad it was a misunderstood 'cause I visit them from time to time and I was shocked with all that! They didn't look like pirates to me so... I'm very happy all went well for both of you