Thursday, 19 June 2008

Good Morning

I have a trick to find out such things meanwhile. I maybe find not all but some i can find with that. As well i found again on 4 shared 2 files from me and wrote to 4shared to let it delete.

Back to me myself and i ahww :-) WOW my Boy made me a fantastic Birthday. I got so many presents and later with friends when i went to the greek dinner, i got a ticket for the Musical Wicked and oh god so cute. My Boy oh god. i got an Eternity Ring of which im f'#?c"ing Proud i must say. Jesus how sweet all he made and i got perfum "Sun" and a weekend Trip we will do.
Pictures from my Boy i got. He let some do for me. A cake, footcream, tissues for table, ( or however they are called :-) From his Friend i got a self made perfum. He created it only for me :-) WOW, candles i got in all colors. Cards and touching words. A door Hanger, which i must scan and use it in a scrap kit... its now only a tiny part of that what i got all. I had really a so enjoyable day yesterday. Oh and my Boyfriend created me a Cocktail which was soooo tasty. As he was a Barkeeper years ago he has the sense for it. I could pick one fruit and around that he created it for me. From my college i got the Frog and such a bowl it looks so sweet. She knows that my Boy and me love Frogs. It has a special reason why. And its so sweet i got that from her. I must seach a nice place to decorate them.
Ja and the greek dinner was fantastic as usuall. So tasty was it mmhh.
Im now off to visit a friend. I will give her for their new house a big huge scrapbooking package. I collected it all together. she said a time ago she not wants so spend always evenings in front of the telly she wants bit craft. So i thought ok, then i will give them something to scrap. I very hope they like my idea.
I wish u all a great day. Thank you so much for all the sweet birthdaywishes and for the responds of the shop. I will not so bother about and look forward... and tomorrow i will give out the next Alpha


xashee's corner said...

So sorry to hear this YET again has happened! it sure does look like the same ribbon to me! i pray you get this resolved!
Happiest Belated Birthday!!!!!!!!! and i LOVE your ring, it is a BEAUTY!!! soo glad you had a WONDERFUL birthday and will get away for a weekend!! Your boy loves you and it is sooooo SWEET!!! HUGS! Have a BLESSED day! :D

silverghost said...

Hi Nicole,
I contacted the designer that had your bows in that shop and she answered my email. I also emailed you the email I sent to the designer, did you receive it? She took the kit off as she bought the bow as a commercial use item and is tracking down who it was and took the kit down till it gets sorted out. I have the 2 emails from her would like me to send them to you? I am also going to give her your website so she can contact you. I have the Rose Kit and I downloaded the bow July 11, 2007. Email me and let me know what you want me to do?

Sweetmade said...

I have replied to the other person who has contacted me 2 days ago
I do not have a e mail from you regarding this and i asked to speak to you earlier tru the other person.
I would like to show you where i got the bow from ( it came in a pack of several)and explain to you that in fact i had no clue that that bow was not cu use or even if it is yours.
you can reach me at

SweetMade said...

Hi it is me again,
Sry for posting on your blog yet again but I am not sure if my messages are getting to you.
I was contacted successfully by colleen, I gather she is your friend. I spoke to her about this issue right away, as soon as I found out there might be a copyright violation I told colleen I am disabling the product till I can find out who this bow belongs to.
Colleen today told me and showed me the link to your blog here.
I am very sorry this is happening to you, being pirated myself many times I know how heart wrenching this is, specially if you are a freebie provider where as to you do not get paid.
I think this is a big issue and I would like to help make you whole on this.
As I feel I too am a victim in this situation but the person that is hurt and suffering is you.
By all means I want to help you make this right. I have e mailed you 2 e mails one which included the pack of bows I got
Looks like this one below
About a year ago when I was new to scrap booking I searched foreign sites for free cu items, not many I found, amongst them was this pack and another one I send to you( so you can check if any of those are yours)
They looked like they were a set, they are all shiny and look like they are made by the same designer.
I do not have any of your freebies, nor am I a pirate, I know this is hard to prove but with all the freebies out there, and so many claiming to be a designer it is hard to trust anyone.
But if I were a pirate I am sure you would have found more than just 1 bow in my items that were yours, because all of your stuff is great I can see how anyone would try to download it away.
Claiming things as your own if they aren't isn't fun nor right.
Since then I have gotten a new PC and new scanner and camera, I no longer search for freebies I do it myself. I only purchase actions now and do my own scans and photos.
i have been running back and fourth to my old PC to try to find the link to that site.
Most of those sites have been shut down, if I still read them I might know why... It was at first hard for me to recall where I got it from since this was over a year ago and I didn't have that bow on my new hd.
I wish to rectify this situation with you and do as you see fit as far as compensation, because it is my own fault I didn't make sure that I actually could use that bow. I am also willing to show you any purchase quantities as far as money wise goes so you can better make a decision on how you want to be compensated.
As far as how I contacted you it was here via your contact box and the now 2 comments I left.

Anonymous said...

omg!!! I fell from the clouds!!! I visit sweetmade and ashalee from time to time my self!!! I didn't think those 2 sites as pirates... sad now...hope all this is a misunderstanding...
how nice ring! so happy 4 you!

Ashalee Wall said...

I am part owner and designer at and just came back from vacation. I am sad that you would tell people not to shop at my store and to look to see if I have pirated things into my kit. That is not right to say that when I work hard at what I do. That is hurtful to my business being a designer there. If you have any questions please email me but remember that people will read what you post and assume that I Ashalee of Ashaleeandsweet is a pirate and I can not have that being said about me at all it is slander. So please email me if you would like to talk so I can help or sort things out. Like I said I have been on vacation so I am walking into this with my eye's closed. And to come back to this is not a great way to end my vacation.

Ann said...

Dear Nicole,
I am very sorry for all your piracy´s problems. It is incredible that this can happen to a person so generous as you are!
Only I find one reason, they envy your MARVELLOUS TALENT. What sad fact that there exists that kind of people!

About your birthday, first of all, I have a song for you:
Happy Birthday to YOU,
Happy Birthday to YOU,
Happy Birthday dear NICOLE
Happy Birthday to YOU
I wish you the BEST in your life and I am very happy to know you have had such a wonderful birthday party and such marvellous gifts (the ring is BEAUTIFUUUUUUUUUUUUL)
I am also very happy to know you have many people near you that love you so.

Elsie said...

I hope these piracy problems will be resolved soon, it was decent of sweetmade to contact you.

I am glad you had such a fantastic birthday and hope the year ahead will be a wonderful one for you and your boy. He sounds like a terrific guy. Lucky girl!