Friday, 30 January 2009


... i hope you had all a nice Week. I worked again this week and today im off. Thankfully. I still feel very how exhausted i am from the Lung Infection and my Cough is still a bit. I very hope that it will go next time away. But i was busy the week over and created my first ever Valentine Kit. Just my Favorite Colors are Purple, Gold and Red. Its so lush all together and i wanted create a Kit with really strong colors. The Main Kit is now done and i will today present you all the Previews of the Parts. Im working on some Worn Papers for the Kit still as well on some Wordarts.
I really have Problems to call a Kit with a nice fitting Name. A friend of mine i now choosed as my Personal-Kitname-Creator :-) Cause he gave the Kit the Name "Fallin in Love" So i very hope you will all Enjoy the upcoming Downloads the next weeks. The Kit will include till now, 50 Papers and over 130 Elements.
I wish you all a great start into the weekend, enjoy and have fun and rest from the week...

WOOOOHOOO i got an Award :-) just from the lovely Doris of
Tempusfug. Check her Blog and her lovely and vintage Kit for Valentine.
I love this Kit so and it reminds of old Love and straight beams you back into an old time.
Wow AMAZING ARTIST AWARD. thats really cool and im very proud of it to get.

And i recieved of
the Kreative Blogger Award. Thank you so much for it too.

So here are my nominations for the 2 Awards
Those Scrappers i visit most and they inspire me a lot

First of all I give the Award further to Maryse (even Doris as well Nominated her, i must do too, she is doing an outstanding Layouts, she has such a refreshing humor and she is a lovely person.

Second is Bethany i love her great Quotes on her blog and they always give a Layout the last finish to make it perfect.

The Third is Megan aka Flergs Hut ab!! Chapeau!! WOOW her stuff is Amazing and her work is just perfect and great. Its fun to read her Blog about her Kids.

And here is one of my new Blogs i found. Kimla from the great Blog Her Layouts and Freebies look so sweet, all the tiny details so filigree and just beautiful. WOW. I can sit and look at her stuff for hours.

and here is the last one Not only Scrapstuff. You can find on luiza Blog as well other crafting things.


CreativeBusyHands said...

Thanks Nicole! You are just too kind. -luiza

Maryse said...

Thank you so much for the award :)
You are an angel ;p
Oh my god,what a BIG kit!!!!

KrisG said...

Your new kit looks beautiful! I love the colors! And congratulations on the award! You really ARE a creative blogger! And you create the most beautiful creations too! You definitely deserve them both.