Saturday, 12 July 2008

How to do stripes...

... i found always that to do a striped pattern isnt that easy as it looks. Im mostly overswamped then and out comes something like a pattern but not striped.
Today i want show u my trick to make great Patterns with Stripes.
You can choose on this great Generator ur stripes play around with colors thickness of the stripes and so on and the coolest is, you can directly can go to the tartan button right side and the Tartan Generator makes you out of ur choosed Colors the fitting tartan pattern.
I download the tiles and open them in Photoshop safe it as pattern and then can use it as seamless patter for 3600x3600px paper..... click on the preview and have fun!

I wish u all a great weekend and have some fun. Im at the moment so busy with working further on the shop, on new Kits and have some fun between with friends and my boy.

And here is definatly my Summer Hit for this year!
Between all this spanish songs is this really something else.
Well its dutch, but give it try!!

Click on the banner to get redirected to the downloadpage

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Tammy said...

Hi -- Thank you so much. I really think you should make your blog all about how to create all of the scrapbooking papers and elements. There isn't one out there like that. Thanks again.