Monday, 5 May 2008

Please help to hit down the piracy

i did spend now the whole midday writing everywhere posts and comments and email to all of those whos stuff on this side. Melissa wrote me back and she said she already reported her stuff and the links got deleted, but its almost impossible to let a blog remove from blogger.

And for my Scrap Kits i now changed some passwords cause i stumbled over a russian side which gave there my password free. it links thankfully to the blog, but the password is written in the forum. Sorry for those who cant read nothing different than the kyrillic writing from. I as well not go to such sites.

im off today and i did spend the morning to search a way to contact that its possible to flag the blog of this malinascrapsmaniac, she deleted on top the banner on which u can flag the blog. But now i found a great site. Go there and write all that this stuff of this site is illegal an that u want this blog is deleted from the net

If you want go directly to the Contact link to Blogger use this link

Send this info around to all the designers which got by that blog abused


xashee's corner said...

Thank you soo much for ALLLLLLL that you do in helping keep the piracy down!! HUGS!!! oh i LOVE your terrace and the cozy resting area too!! GREAT job and LOVELY photos too!! Have a BEAUTIFUL day!! :D

fool on the hill said...

I'm bored to death of this silly and stupid people who make you waste your time!Down with pirates and leave Nicole alone!We love you Nic!