Thursday, 8 May 2008


WOW Ladies look what we reached :-)
Now this blog is down. But im very sure she will come up somewhere again. I saw yesterday that she uploaded so many other stuff. I would like to know only where she now is or is it a he? I dont know, But its a shot against the piracy.
I was now very happy to see that today.
Thanks to all who helped and i think some Designers are very grateful now.

Have all a great Day :-)

In the Shoutbox someone asked how we see if its pirated.
If you go on a blog you see the designer there. All Designers have in their preview their Logos. If this Logo is not confirm with the Logo on the blog you are on a Freebie hunting site (like digifree or ikeagoddess or on a Freebie pirated site ). If its a hunting site u will see all Downloadlinks go back to the Designers Blog, a Site with pirated stuff will send u directly to a downloadlink.
I hope i now could bit explain it.


Sandy Australia said...

That's great! - I had a look and it was disgusting how much stuff she/he had on there. I've seen a few other designers who were glad to be told that their kits were on there too. Down with the pirates!

Ann said...

Dear Nicole
Although just now I dont have much time, I can´t resists to write you that I am very happy you have won against piracy.