Sunday, 30 March 2008

oh chaotic day...

the account of the pirat got deleted by 4shared again. I think we must live with so idiots out there. who upload and who steal... i got recently a mail from Dinphy (thanx btw) she did read that on a other blog ( i not know the source) but i must say it bit well ja opend my eyes. We all did somewhere catch something which is well not bought. We not can stop piracy and i never can stop that my stuff get pirated. i can protect it maybe best with selling, that is true. cause those who buy will not somewhere upload it.
i think i must learn better to really shit on such ones but if something happens we all should not ignore it and go against and find the one who pirated. I often realised that those who do that often not understand english. they found and grab and not can read in english or the language in which the blog is written. that is the word wide web we have entrance into all kind of cultures and languages if we understand or not we can nevertheless use all what we find and is able to download.
these are just my thoughts.... some asked me with email how to get my old stuff. I work on the forum and it needs bit till all is reuploaded on preview pictures again.

The dinner yesterday was incredible. and it did so good to invite my friend. oh but thru all with the voucher. i totally forgot to give a tip god im so ashamed i forgot it. I realised it then yesterday when i was almost home.

I will now go back on sofa and cuddle with my boy.

Have all nice rest weekend....


Erika said...

Nicole the dinner looked amazing. I am trying to avoid thinking of something to do for our dinner here, maybe take away LOL. I think language is a poor excuse for people who pirate, but maybe for some it was a genuine mistake. Enjoy the cuddle with your boy.


Anonymous said...

That dinnertable looks very good, wow.
Wish you a nice sunday.
Lots of greetings from spain

huggzzz m@r

Anonymous said...

Bonjour Nicole,
To me, language is not an excuse. In all languages, people know in their own country what "pyracy" and "private" means...
About shop :
Why wouldn't you create your own ? A few month ago, Rasberry Road Designs (Susan) did. Before she would give all her work away to us. She worked alone and she is like you, very thoughtful and very generous.
That was the idea of the day ! ;)
About the tip, don't worry, this kind of forgetfulness happens independantly of our will. Your mind was so much in this joyful and soothing moment.
Kind regards.
C from Paris :D

CindyW said...

Hi Nicole,

I was just checking if you were back already and I'm glad you decided to continue with your blog.
I just had found your blog and your amazing amount of beautiful freebies when you closed it all.
I understand the reason why you did that and I don't understand people who just go ahead and steal somebody else's designs.
I hope that there will be no more piracy going on on you blog and if you decide to open a shop I wish you the best of luck!


KrisG said...

Dinner looks like it was yummy!!!! You made me hungry... time for me to go eat now, haha! I'm so glad you enjoyed yourself. It's always nice to get together with friends. Enjoy your cuddles!!
P.S. I hope the piracy issue ends soon. Some people out there are just plain ignorant!

Anonymous said...

Perhaps it is time to require a registration subscription to your site. This way you will be able to tell who exactly is grabbing. Just a thought.

Sandy B.

Anonymous said...

Thank You for the hearts. they are lovely. We are anxiously awaiting spring here but winter is being stubborn. It is snowing again today. You have a great week too!
~ Wendy

ida macken said...

Pirate's should all be deleted...except for cute ones like Johnny Depp (lol)

Anyway ! Even selling doesn't help, 2 sites I pay a subscription and get a password so I can download the kits and someone who paid for it actually shared their password ! And then someone had uploaded to their own site too !
I bet their are plenty out there who pay for kits then upload them as theirs, maybe they get people to pay thinking it is their kit ?

I can't believe the way people act sometimes - love reading your blog and love the work you do ! {{{{{HUGS}}}}} ;-))

Pat said...

These are very pretty. They remind me of many of our spring days here, not sunny, but pretty pastels. Thank you--