Thursday, 27 March 2008

lazy evening....

with a bit of tryouts.... i was lazy on sofa this evenin, as i came late back home from work, i had dinner and watched Desperate Houswives. I then after tried bit something. And i sure will come up with it next days. I hope u like the Hearts :-) i made the stitched a few months ago at a friends machine and found it now again. :-)

Its so amazing how many "Fans" i have. I should make a Fan-Club hihi :-) Oh i thought so maybe u can all suggest me some Shop on which i can write and ask for sell my Stuff. I never looked for shops so cause i always create my stuff for me alone. That would be great!

So have a goodnight all. And take care of u all...


Erika said...

Hey Nicole, these look great. Love those lazy evenings too, might do that tomorrow night, and rent a couple of movies.
People like you have inspired me to have a go and give back. Let me know what you think:

Best wishes from Australia,


Celia said...

I am one of your numerous fans !! :)

This is a great thing that you feel better and your come back was so expected.

Have a great day hunnie.

Huggies from Paris !

Anonymous said...

Love the stitching. I wish I knew how to make these lovely things. You have a lot of talent. Have you ever thought of writing a book on how to make elements?

Your elements are certainly top quality and I'm proud to use them in my layouts.

I just only recently found your site and was highly impressed.

Am sure you've helped millions of people that could never afforded to buy kits very happy.

Your work is the best!!!!

Anonymous said...

Bonjour Nicole,
Yes, you do have supporters ! :D
I'm just calling to see how you are and you can sew too...
How can i send the tiny surprise i prepared for you ?
I don't know any shops but i wonder whether you know the blog Scrapatit owned by Linda Walton who is such a charming and joyful (american) person. She regularly gives freebies and up to lately she sold some of her creations in one shop until she was asked not long ago by another shop to sell her designs. Briefly, she now sells in 2 shops.
Sincères amitiés.
C from Paris :D

Anonymous said...

glad to have you back :)
(cute hearts!)

Silverghost said...

So nice to be able to go to your site again. Love the hearts thank you and you are entitled to a lazy evening. Have a good one.

wt said...

Beautiful as usual. Thank you so much for sharing.

Meg said...

I enjoy reading your blog and I would love to join your "Fan Club"! heehee.
I'm so glad your blog is pink again!!
>HUGS< from Virginia in the U.S.